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Forex trading is our life. We hang with the very best traders in the market and are dedicated to providing a one stop, quality destination for all your forex trading needs. We offer forex education, interaction with top top traders and experts, investing opportunities, and more!

Linda Bradford Raschke is President of LBRGroup, Inc., a registered CTA and money management firm and president of LBR Asset Management, a CPO. She began her professional trading career in 1981 as a market maker in equity options.

Forex Education

Want to learn about trading the forex market? Forex education is important for experienced day traders and beginners alike. Our forex training page will help you get started. You can also sign up for our free training by clicking here.

In the business of trading currencies, forex education is essential. The forex training links above will help the potential forex trader become more familiar with the forex market and the language and terminology of trading. Forex education is also provided to help traders become more familiar with our forex day trading program. After you are finished with our forex education page, you can sign up for a free 30-day online simulated trading session by clicking the link below.

Forex Fund management

We offer forex fund management services structured to deliver maximum returns while balancing the inherent risks involved in Forex trading…

The management is comprised of two senior traders, a system development technician, and a growing number of junior traders. Trades are all executed by the senior traders, or under the direct supervision of senior traders. The in-house technician is responsible for programming backtests of ongoing and beta strategies. Junior traders are trained by shadowing the senior traders to eventually handle the growing number of customer accounts. The team is small but this is also how it is able to work very efficiently and effectively for the clientele.

Forex Investment Advisory Services

FTT is a market-maker for currency trading and agent for the OANDA FXTrade Platform. OANDA comes from 15+ years of foreign exchange market research and analysis.

Highlights of FXTrade:

  • Transactions as small as $1 US - no minimum trade size!
  • Continuous interest payment
  • Multi-currency accounts: supporting 7 currencies, including: US dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc.
  • No minimum deposit
  • Tight spreads as low as 2 to 3 pips on all transaction sizes
  • 24 hour trading and customer service
  • Free technical analysis & charts